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FME's expansion into Continuous Metallic Coating Lines (Continuous Galvanizing and Aluzinc lines) began with the purchasing the assets of Comstock-2, Inc. Located in Ohio, USA. This operation is now FME US Inc.

Our references are extensive and demonstrate long term excellent equipment performance. We have first rate CGL references in North America and Asia. I note that FME USA Inc. (formerly Comstock2) is a technology leader in CGL engineering and has also supplied CGL equipment technology under licence to other large systems houses.

A testament to our business performance is that in our history of over 16 years of major contracts we have completed all jobs by completing our all the required commissioning and start-up duties, and all equipment performance guarantees.

FME supplies Metallic Coating Lines (Galvanizing Lines) of NOF type for construction,appliance, and automotive applications.

We also supply Flux lines for construction end products. We supply Galvanizing Lines capable of applying both hot-dipped Zinc (Galvanized) and Zinc/Aluminium (Aluzinc) coatings. Depending on the coating and process, the following grades can be produced : FH, CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ.

As part of our services package we have the ability to offer production know-how and training packages, together with post commissioning support for operation and technology.

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